Netizen Report: Raise Your Voice Edition

Last week’s Netizen Report, published on Global Voices Advocacy, begins with the story of dedicated activists in India who are fighting against unreasonable government censorship and surveillance powers. Here is how the report begins:

Internet activists in India are fuming over the country’s sweeping new Internet restrictions on objectionable content, and are beginning to take extreme action to combat the law. This week we recognize Aseem Trivedi and Alok Dixit from Save Your Voice, who have begun a hunger strike in protest of the ‘Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules 2011’ which were quietly issued by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in April 2011.

One of the flaws of the new rules is that they mandate that website or domain owners must take down material within 36 hours when a third party issues a complaint, without giving a chance for content owners to defend the material. The Bangalore-based advocacy group Centre for Internet & Society also pointed out that the rule leads to a general chilling effect on freedom of expression over the Internet.

Member of Parliament Shri P. Rajeev has moved to have the rules annulled amid widespread protests by India’s netizen community. As a growing number of MP’s become aware of the issue some see some hope that the censorship law will be discarded. For more details, analysis and links see this post on Global Voices.

From there we survey the global state of censorship, surveillance, activism, corporate actions and government regulation. Click here to read the whole thing.

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