Foreword to the Paperback Edition

Introduction: After the Revolution

Part One: Disruptions

1: Consent and Sovereignty
Corporate Superpowers

2: Rise of the Digital Commons
The Technical Commons
Balance of Power

Part Two: Control 2.0

3: Networked Authoritarianism
How China’s Censorship Works
Authoritarian Deliberation
Western Fantasies Versus Reality

4: Variants and Permutations
“Constitutional” Technology
Corporate Collaboration
Divide and Rule
Digital Bonapartism

Part Three: Democracy’s Challenges

5: Eroding Accountability
WikiLeaks and Controversial Speech

6: Democratic Censorship
Intentions Versus Consequences
Saving the Children

7: Copywars
Shunning Due Process
Aiding Authoritarianism

Part Four: Sovereigns of Cyberspace

8: Corporate Censorship
Net Neutrality
Mobile Complications
Big Brother Apple

9: Do No Evil
Chinese Lessons
Flickr Fail
Buzz Bust
Privacy and Facebook

10: Facebookistan and Googledom
Double Edge
Inside the Leviathan
Google Governance

Part Five: What Is to Be Done?

11: Trust, but Verify
The Regulation Problem
Shared Value
The Global Network Initiative
Lessons from Other Industries

12: In Search of “Internet Freedom” Policy
Washington Squabbles
Goals and Methods
Democratic Discord
Civil Society Pushes Back

13: Global Internet Governance
The United Nations Problem
ICANN—Can You?

14: Building a Netizen-Centric Internet
Strengthening the Citizen Commons
Expanding the Technical Commons
Utopianism Versus Reality
Getting Political
Corporate Transparency and Netizen Participation
Personal Responsibility

Afterword to the Paperback Edition


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